Vehicle Tuning

Performance Remapping – Release the true performance from your engine. One of Eirtuning’s performance remaps will allow you to enhance the hidden performance of your vehicle. The overall torque will be noticeably increased, Power delivery will be smoother making for a more enjoyable driving experience, which in turn makes it easier and safer to overtake.
Throttle response will also be improved dramatically.

Improved drive-ability.

Better performance.

Increased bhp and torque.

Sharper throttle response.

Better pulling power.

All around a better balanced drive.

For Tractors & Trucks our special low down torque remaps make a vast improvement to HP and can have high MPG Gains.


Economy RemappingExtra torque provided by our remap at Low RPM reduces throttle input by the driver this in turn increases your MPG. This is a popular remap choice by many of our large fleet costumers where the extra MPG counts.


DPF – A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.
Modification software available on request.


EGR – This is a valve used to recirculate exhaust gases to cool the combustion temperature of your engine. These valves are prone to failure and are extremely expensive to replace.
We offer many EGR solutions on request.


Ad blue – A liquid contained in a small independent pumping tank which is sprayed onto the emissions filter of a vehicle which accelerates the burning of soot matter.
Many of these pumps are prone to failure, we have software solutions to combat this problem.


Manifold flap – A flap on the intake manifold that alters airflow.
Prone to failure on many engine types. We can replicate the signals from these flaps with our software to eliminate engine management faults.(Audi Vw Skoda)


ECU Cloning – A facility we offer to copy or extract all the information from an old damaged ecu (even if it has no communication with a diagnostic tool) and upload this information onto a used 2nd hand unit.