About us

In 2001 the car electronic industry began to evolve into what it is today, due to the regulation of engine control systems by government bodies around the world.

Having a keen interest in performance vehicles, we at Eirtuning purchased and upgraded Japanese cars in the late 90’s. We also repaired many of the electronic systems on heavy machinery equipment. HGV’s and tractors soon came afterwards.

As all engine electronic units are similar between these vehicles, we began to modify the software on the E.C.U.’s to increase performance as to achieve the customers needs, thus growing our business from seed to plant.

Fast forward to the 2000’s, more and more clone programming equipment and poor software for replicating power remapping and deleting of electronic devices arrived on the market. Dead E.C.U.’s, problematic cars, trucks and tractors ensued.

We at Eirtuning stepped in and offered an unrivaled service to help the garages whom we have supported for many years.

Now offering programming tools, software and full support for our dealers throughout Ireland.

We also have an extensive network of automotive specialists around Europe to cater for any request.