File Service

We design and write our own Power Remap,DPF &EGR, files.

We do not send to the UK like 95% of garages



Our file service will work on any programming tool including the following.

Kess , Ktag , Fgtech , Galletto ,KTM100 , CMD Flash, Dimsport Genius, Trasdata, Mpps , IO Terminal, KWP2000, Piasini, & Powergate.


File Service Offered

Power Remap.

Economy Remap.

Dpf Solutions.

Egr Solutions.

Flap Removal.

Adblue Modifation

Speed Limiter delete.

P Code Removal.

Lambda modification software.

If your current file provider is giving a poor service, please contact us immediately.

     Common complaints.

  • Limp problems
  • Smoke issues
  • Boost faults
  • Ad-blue Lights
  • “Its a problem with the car / truck, its not the file”


We accept PayPal payment’s & Bank Transfer